This blog is written by two seemingly random people brought together by a passion for long-term wealth creation. Inspired by the classic value-oriented investment framework, and agnostic about others, this will be our journal.

Post signatures TC and MC are the initials of the authors. European- and Chinese-born, we are both continuously seeking global equities within our circle of competence. Both in our mid-twenties, we are also busy expanding that circle.

We are contributors to Joel Greenblatt’s Value Investors Club.

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Blog objectives

  1. While the amount of information available to investors is exploding today, we believe that it has become more valuable to take time to sit and think independently. We trust that keeping a journal will encourage us to do just that.
  2. To solidify our thoughts and decisions for later
    • learn from mistakes
    • keep track of mistaken thoughts and to breed humility: e.g. to reveal ex-post how consensus our “independent” thinking really was
    • keep track of performance
  3. To challenge our ideas with readers: feel free to comment or contact us
  4. To sound or feel smart
  5. To breed consistency bias over written ideas
  6. To become overconfident

In short, we aim to become better investors through self-serving journal entries.


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