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Live Portfolio Update – 2021 – #15 (Soho China)

Investment Action: Added 0.5% to Soho China @ HKD4.2 as the spread to offer price has widened to almost 20% since my first purchase a few weeks back.

There seems to be some delay in the deal due to the need to get approval from SAMR which is the Chinese regulator for market competition. Buying a few office buildings should not trigger any concerns but nonetheless, it is critical to get their seal of approval. Seems like a good opportunity to add.


  1. AP911

    Seems there are some regulatory hurdles relating to Soho founder

    • XC

      Yes, you are probably right. And i have probably underestimated the risk from founder’s personal life. The probability of success has reduced significantly but probably still much higher than 50%. Lets see.

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