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Since we view ourselves primarily as practitioners, and our posts have been largely theoretical lately, I thought it would be instructive – and transparent – to disclose portfolio positions. You can expect more discussion on current and future positions soon.

The following are my portfolio positions (TC):

10-20% positions

  1. Dart Group plc (DTG)
  2. Wilh. Wilhelmsen Holding (WWIB)
  3. Baoye Group (2355)
  4. Boustead Projects (AVM)

5-10% positions:

  1. Interactive Brokers (IBKR)
  2. Philly Shipyard (PHLY)
  3. Treasure ASA (TRE)

0-5% positions:

  1. Bolloré (BOL)
  2. EAM Solar (EAM)
  3. New York REIT (NYRT)
  4. Prospect Japan Fund (PJF)

And lastly, cash at around 20% of portfolio (up from 1% at the start of the Trump rally)




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  1. Stefan

    I am also holding Baoye Group, I am wondering why it remains so cheap for such a long time (PE of 4, PB of 0.3, net cash position)

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