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Odd lot split-off Danaher – NVST

If you buy 99 shares of Danaher through IBKR today at the US open, you’ll probably be able to tender these by the end of the business day (which is the deadline) for 5% more value in NVST shares. In two weeks you’ll get NVST shares delivered in your account.

Danaher is splitting off its 80% interest in NVST.

I am doing this unhedged, i.e. simply buying DHR and taking the volatility risk on NVST

Results may vary a lot, but 5% upside baked in is quite a high expected IRR for a few weeks of waiting.






  1. Arbi

    I guess you are to late on this one. Today is the expiration date. Will be tough to buy today and tender in time. But good luck.

    • admin

      You are right. This is why I only recommend IBKR. Actually I did it yesterday and got it sorted out in a few hours.

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